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About HealthePeople® - Achieving Healthy People & Healthy Future

   To achieve full health reform, healthy people, and healthy, thriving America and world, HealthePeople offers much. 

   This strategy helps us reach this vision via a strategy of high performance health systems for all that are affordable, accessible, person-centered, “e” enabled, prevention, and producing high health quality, outcomes and status. 

   HealthePeople addresses current programs, American health reform, remaining gaps and execution challenges. Combining best strategies, together we can achieve healthy people and build healthier America and world and move toward a healthy, thriving future.

HealthePeople is a strategy to build effective health systems via:

  • National Health Reform

  • High Performance Systems

  • Un- and Underinsured

  • Quality Improvement

  • Fair Payment Systems

  • EHR Systems

  • Virtual Health System

  • Person-centered health

  • Behavioral Effectiveness

HealthePeople Founding

   For decades, Founder, Gary "Chris" Christopherson, strongly advocated causes that support HealthePeople vision. His strategic, policy, management, performance, and advocacy work spans his service in/out of government.

    His primary work has been with creating and sustaining large scale, positive change, improving health, reducing vulnerability, and helping build a thriving future.

   His decision to found "HealthePeople" and "Thrive!" comes from decades of advocacy. It comes from a realization that saving parts of a community is helpful, but is not enough. What is needed is "whole community" view and "whole community" vision of what we must, can and will achieve. Communities can be of any size from towns to States to nations to the world.

  Strategies and models have been developed from 30+ years of experience at local and national levels. Parts or all have been used in White House, Congress, inner city health systems, DoD Military Health System, Veterans Health System and  Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services.

   HealthePeople® is trademark of Gary A. Christopherson.

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