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HealthePeople - Vision and Strategy

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HealthePeople - Vision & Strategy for Healthy People & Healthy and Thriving Future

HealthePeople - Strategy Paper


    HealthePeople is a collaborative strategy to transform to affordable, person-centered, prevention, outcomes-driven, and "e" enabled health systems that help achieve better health. 

   We can positively transform health systems and achieve a healthier America and world by successfully applying 15 supportive strategies:

  • High quality, affordability, accessibility

  • Strong person-centered health

  • Support strongly applying “public health” model

  • Needed care accessible financially

  • Support most vulnerable persons

  • Support strong core health benefits

  • Support strong core LTC benefits

  • Support strong person-centered care

  • Support effectively using prevention

  • Help ensure long term affordability

  • Support pay for effective care

  • Support high performance measures

  • Support strong quality/performance improvement for all/across care settings

  • Support reasonable access physically

  • Support strong health (info) system


    “HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future” is a proposed strategy whose near-term vision is to achieve substantially healthier Americans and a substantially healthier America and to achieve substantially healthier people and substantially healthier nations. The long-term vision is to achieve healthy people globally and a healthy, thriving world.

    This “HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future” strategy was created with the belief that we can reach this vision via an endgame strategy of high performance, health (including long term care) systems for all that are self-perpetuating, affordable, accessible, “e” enabled, person-centered, prevention-oriented, and producing high health quality, outcomes and status.

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