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Support Available

    HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future - draws on 30 years of senior executive and policy health and vulnerable population experience with Federal Executive and Legislative branches, local government, and private sector. It can help governments and mission-driven organizations achieve healthy people and healthy and thriving future as:

  • A partner, advocate or consultant to achieve reduced vulnerability, healthy people, and a healthier community, country and world.
  • A national level speaker to bring a thought-provoking, national perspective tailored to your audience. [Speaker's One-Page]

    HealthePeople services are provided at no cost. Reasonable travel expenses are to be reimbursed.

   If you want support, support helps achieve:

  • a visionary, living and executable strategy,
  • highly effective strategic and operational management,
  • high performance information systems,
  • high performance organizations and systems, and/or
  • outcomes supporting mission, vision and strategy?

   For partnership, advocacy, speaker or assistance, contact: GChris@GChris.com or 301 318 3760.

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    Experience and expertise is available in each area:

  • National Health Reform Strategies
  • Systems Design, Management, Performance
  • Person-centered and Person-Provider Partnership
  • High Performance Health  Systems
  • The Un- & Underinsured
  • Performance & Quality Improvement
  • Fair and Effective Payment Systems
  • High Performance Information Systems (e)
  • Virtual Health Systems (care and information)
  • Reducing Vulnerability for the Vulnerable
  • Strategic/Operational Planning & Management

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Thriving Future